International Knowledge Civilization and Nano Technology Conference The World's Best Convergence Conference for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, providing a meeting place for Humanities, Science and Engineering

Formulate visions for the future of Knowledge Culture and Nano Technology be fitting the global era.

From these future visions, establish effective strategies and present ways by which IKNC can move forward with research and support activities for these visions.

IKNC provides the premier conference that brings together a unique and international mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, expertise and research innovations.
Major Activities of the IKNC Academic Activities
  • A window for discovering excellent researchers and promoting excellence research to the world through the IKNC International Conference.
  • Research and development of policies and strategies for the globalization and information era.
  • Research and development of strategies to vitalize rural areas that have a less-than-desirable research environment.
  • Research and development of future-oriented research media and instruction methods.
  • Research and development of research policies and strategies for the global communication era.
  • Content development and strategy research for globalization of the Knowledge Civilization.
  • Content development and strategy research for globalization of the Nano Technology.
Academic Support
  • Support activities for the development of future human resources.
  • Support activities for the research and development of Knowledge Civilization and Nano Technology contents.
  • Publication of research data for future research policies.
  • Research reports of related fields and book publications
  • Publication of a variety of research materials for academic support.

  • Copy Killer journal

  • Journal of Dharma

  • Archives Of Budo

  • Ethiopian Journal of
    Health Development

  • International Journal
    of Hindu Studies

    World taekwondo headquarters



  • Center for Korean
    Studies, Korea Univ.

  • Center of Global Sports
    Health & Culture

  • Asia Contents Institute,
    Konkuk Univ.

  • Institute of Body & Culture,
    Konkuk Univ.

  • Korea Institute of Electronic
    Communication Science